Hi Ms. Amy,


I am so glad that I was introduced to your candles at least 5 years ago.  My cousin from Mississippi relocated to Illinois for her job and was visiting Louisiana at the time for her job.  One day while visiting her, her house smelled so good I asked what kind of candle are you burning? She told me Amy’s Country Candles it was Vanilla Sugar cookies and she also had Birds of Paradise. She gave me a mason jar of each. I said how am I going to get some and they are in Louisiana. She said you can order they will ship and I have been a customer of yours ever since. I love your candles and they burn evenly and smell sooo good.  The rooms have a nice aroma even after they have finished burning

I also want to compliment Liz.  Every time I have placed orders, I have always had the pleasure of speaking with her.  The customer service she provides is exceptional and her professionalism as well as making each customer feel special.  I am sure you realize how great an asset she is to your company and represents it very well. Please consider this when you do annual reviews of your employees.   


Today (May 28, 2015) I placed a personal order and also an order for my church and had the pleasure of speaking with Liz and every time I call she always remembers me or a conversation we previously had.


I also would like to mention that I listened to the one on one video with you on line and I am thanking God for how he has blessed you.  I am also believing God with you for your healing and I know that all things are possible to those that believe. I like how you said the symptoms are there but I am being healed. You may already do this: Read you a healing scripture every day and continue to believe and stand on God’s word.  You will be in our thoughts and prayers.  It is my prayer that God continue to bless you and your business. .  I was also glad to see that you represent God in your business as well.




Blessings & Favor,






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Candle Confession

June 10, 2013

Gadenia scented goodness

CajunHubby and I love New Orleans. When we are lucky enough to find ourselves in that great city we always stop into the Ritz Carlton to listen to the jazzy sounds of Jeremy Davenport. One thing you cannot ignore when you step into the lobby is the wonderful aroma! You might think that the scent is coming from the amazing centerpiece bouquets, but its not! The smell is actually coming from candles made down da bayou! Amy’s Country Candles out of Thibodaux, Louisiana hand pours delicious gardenia scented candles for the Ritz which you can purchase from the gift shop in the hotel. Since we don’t make it down to NOLA as often as I’d like, I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep up my own supply of gardenia goodness. As I was makin’ groceries at Rouses the other day I noticed they carry Amy’s Country Candles in the floral section. A lightbulb went off… I scurried over to the customer service counter and asked if they would order the gardenia candles for me. And to my delight, they said YES! Before long, I got a phone call saying my candles were in and in no time the house was filled with my favorite fragrance! These candles are great! Whether you like the gardenia or not, you should check them out! They have a wide range of scent and size options, I have a few friends who swear by them, and you will too after you smell for yourself. Till next time…




June 6. 2013

Dear Amy: I received my Gardenia candles--what a wonderful scent! I have been searching for a long time for a TRUE Old South Gardenia scented candle! You have it! I ordered your filled crystal candles for my mother's memorial service--Gardenia was her favorite flower and favorite scent. The church will smell heavenly--that must have been why my mother loved gardenias so much---the Good Lord must have planted them around His Throne... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart--



May 30, 2013




May 22, 2013

Hi there, I am a Western Australian, and travelled to New Orleans last year and purchased one of your sugar cookie candles. I walked in to the shop where I bought it, and they were burning these, and I fell IN LOVE! I had to buy one! Since then (it's been a year) I have been reluctant to burn it, because I knew I could never get another one, but burn it for short periods every now and then. My Mum is in love with it! I get a lot of comments on how wonderful the scent is. I decided to check out your website, hoping you'd ship internationally, but I was so extremely disappointed to see that you now no longer ship internationally. This means I could have bought some more in the last year! May I ask why you no longer ship overseas? I am now half way through my candle and will be so upset when it's finished! Congrats on producing such an amazing scent - when I burn it I just think of gorgeous, friendly, vibrant and enchanting New Orleans!

Many thanks and cheers,



April 24, 2013

Only that it is the absolute greatest candles ever!!

Jackie Rock


April 20, 2013

Burning my Magnolia right now. Reminds me of my mom and my tiny Alabama hometown. Love it!

Erin Hall


April 19, 2013

Love these crystal warmers, I have several around my house.

Jackie Landry Guillory


April 7, 2013

Just picked up my prize and it is beautiful and smells awesome!! Thanks a million Amy!! I love all your scents and products! Thank you Amy's Country Candles for making me a Winner!

Stacy LeBeouf


April 4, 2013

We live in SC but have family in Thibodaux. We make your shop a must stop when we visit! Love Love Love your candles.

Jenny Blackard


December 27, 2012

I love Amy's family values and that alone makes her company beautiful in every way. This and the quality of all her products are what draws me to her company. I tell everyone I know about Amy's Country Candles and some of them have already ordered from you. Giving them as gifts has really impressed people so much that they think they are the best candles they have ever used. Word of mouth of what a great thing she has going has gone a long way here in Tennessee. Thank you once again for taking care of the candle and this also says a lot about what good customer service the company has. Liz, you are a great asset to her company and employees like you are a great deal of what makes the company a success.

Judy Riddle, a very satisfied customer from Tennessee


Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate this so much. I love Amy's Country Candles and they are all that I buy. Nothing can beat them. Wish you guys had a store here in Tennessee, but I will settle for ordering them on line. Maybe someday your stores will reach Tennessee-especially around the Nashville area-we all love them up here!!!!!!!!

Judy Riddle


September 10, 2012

hi, i came across a candle unpacking when we moved. it was a triple scented bird of paradise. only 10 min after being lit, the scent filled the entire downstairs. my daughter and i were simply amazed. we live just east of biloxi, originally from new orleans. biloxi and surrounding area have nothing like you have to offer.please, please consider opening a store in biloxi, i am telling you it will be a hit. even home parties......thanks



September 5, 2012

To All Of AMY"S

I just wanted to let you know I really had to use my amy's candles during this last hurricane. Our electricity was off 4 days and they sure came to great use and my house smelled wonderful.

Thank You,

God Bless,

Geneva Adair


August 22, 2012


I just wanted to let you know that I have been hooked on your VSC candle for years, but I have recently found one that comes close-Lipstick! This candle is so awesome, please keep it around! I have received several compliment from friends and family, so I know that you will be getting more orders for these. I frequently visit your store in Rouse's in Thibodaux. I actually went there this morning for another Lipstick and Gardenia. Your sales girls are fabulous! Very friendly and knowledgable. Thanks for making such fantastic products in our Hometown!!

Andrea Cunningham


August 17, 2012

Your Pumkin Spice Candle is the BEST candle we have smelled......please do not "retire" this candle EVER!!!


Richard C Swanson


August 8, 2012

To Whom it may concern,

Hi, I am Nadia. I first experienced Amy's Country Candles with your store in Baton Rouge. I love how strong they are and how long they last. I recently read about your charity organizations and as A fellow sister in Christ, I am deeply touched and I will be buying my candles from you from now on. I believe in you cause. May God continue to bless your business because you are Growing God's kingdome on the earth.

God Bless Nadia


August 2,2012

Hi Amy, Upon walking into the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, between the opulence and the incredible smell that permeated the air.....I was in sensory overload! I had to investigate that scent and my nose followed me to Amy's wonderful gardenia candles that were burning throughout the main lobby area. I was stunned to see how beautiful they looked on top of smelling so wonderfully! I made a purchase then and there at the gift shop and am thrilled a few years later to be offering them in my own online shop. My motto is that I do carry anything I wouldnt' put in my own home and you can be sure I have Amy's candles all over the place. As beautiful to look at as they smell....these are keepers and make equally wonderful and unique gifts. Keep doing what you are doing because its a beautiful thing!

Best, Tina


March 8, 2010

I use your candles and recently I went over to my dad's house and he had all of the candles on he dresser. I asked why and he said he was trying to find something to make he room smell good. I told him if it was candles Amy's was the place to go. I said they are pricey but well worth it. A couple of days later I went over and when I opened the front door I said smells like someone went to Amy's. He said yep. He couldn't believe that the one candle made his whole house smell so good. All that just to say you guys are the best and your sales people just put the frosting on the cake. God bless you all.

Nicole Crader, New Orleans, LA


February 24, 2010

Hello my name is Judie Crochet, and my husband boyfriend at the time bought me a candle from Amy's and brought it to me in New Mexico for a gift. I like it so much that when I went to Louisiana to move him back to New Mexico he took me to the Amy's store in the mall and I bought 2 candles and brought them home back to New Mexico. Now I don't buy any candles from anybody but Amy's so I order them online 2 big candles at a time and I will never buy any candles from nobody but Amy's.

Judie Crochet, Hobbs, NM


February 2, 2010

I received my candles yesterday and my home smells wonderful!! I had the pleasure at staying at the Ritz Carlton a couple of weekends ago and had to get the name of the wonderful candles that they were burning in the lobby area! I've been telling all of my friends and co-workers about your products. I will definitely be placing more orders! Thanks!

Claudette Smith, Friendswood,TX


January 11, 2010

I love Amy's country candles because they burn evenly.The aroma stays in the house long after I have blown them out. I have tried other candles that people tell me about but there is no comparison to Amy's. I guess my very favorite has always been Vanilla Sugar Cookie, but I keep trying others and I have yet to find one that I don't like. Please try Sunshine Memories, Louisiana Rain, Romantic Amber...oh well all of them are great. I have sent them to my sister in Oregon also and she loves them too. Amy's don't go away...what would I do?

Pat Slate, Metairie, LA


December 16, 2009

Awesome Service! Long story short. I was so disappointed when I received my order and there was a slight mix-up. I received a mason candle in place of my highly anticipated wine glass, really no big deal, same great scent!!!! I sent an email stating the issue and immediately I received a reply from Amy herself, she expeditiously corrected the issue and in the blink of an eye, there was my wine glass!!! Excellent Service with a personal touch!!!!! THANK YOU, AMY!!!

Tiffany Gallaud, Nashville, TN


December 4, 2009

I love these candles. They are of great quality and I have to have them. I moved away from Louisiana 10 years ago, but have never stopped buying these candles. Every time I go home to visit, I stock up. (No shipping costs. :) Of course I can't be without, so when a trip home isn't possible I use the website. Thank you for making such a good product.

Sabrina Williams, Spring Hill, FL


December 4, 2009

It’s been almost five years, (pre-Katrina) since I have had the magnificent scent of Cake, Baby Powder and Sugar cookies pleasantly filling up my home, and I totally miss it. I can’t wait to delight my family and visitors with them once again, as I have not found any candles near or far that can compare to Amy’s Country Candles!!!!!

Tiffany Gallaud, Nashville, TN


November 25, 2009

I'm French and I'm living near Paris. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find your candles in my country!

I discovered your candles 5 years ago. My husband and I were in a congress in Louisiana in 2004. It was 1 year before Katrina...

I love your country and each time I smell the Vanilla Sugar Cookie scent it reminds me of your beautiful plantation homes.

My favorite scent is Vanilla Sugar Cookie but I also like Magnolia, Louisiana Rain...

I love so much your candles, I really miss them!

A bientôt!

Christine Douhéret, St Germain en Laye, France

October 14, 2008

I love your candles. I live in Florida and visited Louisiana for my son Travis and daughter-in-law Tara's baby shower. At the baby shower and after as a gift, I smelled your blue baby powder candle for the first time. I was amazed how wonderful the scent carried through out the entire house. Well, I did visit again a month or so later, and at the time I had wanted to find your store in the mall ( as I was told ) but had not had the chance to shop and my visit was over. Tara sent me a gift basket and included several of your baby blue powder candles, (Just so I'd miss my newly born grandson) and return for another visit. I found your email address on the labels and placed an online order. Since that first order - several more followed - because I have the need to give/share my candles. I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your scents. I do not believe that I can burn any others. You spoil your customers - and its very much appreciated. I have shared with family, friends, and even my dentist office, where they light candles everyday.

Sincerely - happy customer,

Gayl Johnson


March 10, 2008

Good morning, Being a scented candle lover, I wandered into your store for the first time 2 weeks ago. The scents were so heavy, and your salesperson was very friendly and knowledgeable so I decided to give A.C.C. a try. I purchased $70.00 worth of candles and it was worth every penny. I LOVE THEM!!!!! The scents travel throughout my home and smell simply wonderful!! You have just gained another customer!! Keep up the great work!

Cassandra Scott

March 2, 2008

Keep doing a GREAT job on the candles!!! I LOVE THEM

Johnitha Brown

December 20, 2007

Amy, I have been traveling to New Orleans from Tulsa since July, almost weekly. I have been staying at the Ritz Carlton and found these amazing Gardenia candles there. One thing that is welcoming is when arriving to the hotel, you are greeted with the beautiful scent of these candles. I have purchased many and shipped to my family around the country. I happened to look on the underside of one of the mason jars and saw your name and website. I am hooked and my wife and I burn a candle every day to allow the Gardenia scent to cover the house. Having lived in Lafayette, my mother always had several gardenia bushes growing around the yard to provide that beautiful scent. Now I can get it in a jar!

Another amazing thing is when you walk in front of the Ritz hotel, even within 15-20 feet of the door, one can smell the Gardenia scent from your candles. Thank you for creating such amazing candles.

Jody Cole


Tulsa, OK

December 18, 2007

I just want to say that I love your candles. A friend told me about you guys and I have been hooked ever since. Cannot wait to buy more!

Austin Wayne Clowers

December 6, 2007

I live in Biloxi, Mississippi. I usually buy your candles when I come to Houma to see my family. I haven’t been in a while so I hadn’t bought any and I’ve really missed them! Anyway, recently a friend bought me another type of scented candle as a gift. Well, I guess I’ve become a candle snob because that one pales in comparison and I refuse to light it again! So I ordered one online so that friend can experience the joy of a real candle. I was tickled when it came in. I quickly lit it and smiled like a child. You would have thought it was Christmas already as happy as I was!


Sherrie Handler

November 14, 2007

I just have to say I have been buying your candles for 10 years or more. I have tried many different candles, and Amy's Candles are the best by far! I visited your store in Esplanade Mall today, and purchased my favorites "Magnolia and Bird of Paradise." Your 22 oz. candles are well worth the money, because they last for months, and I light them almost everyday. I enjoy smelling the wonderful scents as soon as I open my door and walk in the house. I plan to buy several for Christmas presents. Keep up the good work!


Cynthia Heidelberg-Hart

April 30, 2007

Good morning, I’m 1SG Troy Babin. I’m deployed to Afghanistan and will be ordering a couple of candles for these stinky tents in a couple of weeks. Do you guys have a military discount? I’ve been a fan of the candles for about 4 years now so I know that once I get my candles in and start burning them others will want them too (that’s how I got hooked). So if you have a discount I’ll gladly pass the website to those interested.Thanks!

1SG Troy Babin

June 13, 2007

To the entire staff of Amy's I send my most sincere gratitude for the candles that arrived today. I also tacked up the picture near my desk. So in return I sent a picture of us. And just as I predicted, as soon as I opened the box and the smell of baked apple pie and vanilla sugar cookie started wafting through the office I had more than a couple of inquiries about where did I get the candles. So I distributed the candles throughout the company. Thank you once again for the support for what we do on a daily basis.

1SG Troy Babin

June 13, 2007

Thank you so much for the candle, cucumber melon is my favorite scent. It brightened my spirits so much to receive such a gift, especially when you live with four other men who smell like they run track for a living. In all seriousness I really appreciate the gesture. Thanks for the photo, it's the newest edition to our wall of photos. We really appreciate you guys thinking of us in this way. And you're cucumber melon rocks. Tell everyone hello and thanks again Amy.

SFC Mark Davis

June 13, 2007

Thanks for the candles, they remind me of home. Thanks for the pic of all the pretty ladies. Continue to support us it makes us feel like we're doing our job here.

SSG Eric Lee

March 23, 2007

Hi, I am from north Louisiana and was traveling through Baton Rouge about five months ago and discovered your candles in the mall. Haven't found a compatible scent since. Vanilla Sugar Cookie is great; it works inside and outside of our home.


March 15, 2007

I just bought a gardenia candle in the crystal hurricane at the Ritz Carlton last weekend. What a great smelling candle. It makes my house smell wonderful. I would like to order more of that scent. The rate I am going I would need to buy a new one once a month.

Thanks, Amy

November 7, 2006

I love your candles! Since Hurricane Katrina I have relocated to Naples, Fl. I barely unpacked, knowing all along I would make my way back home ASAP. I have recently started packing to make the big move back to the "Big Easy" and i came across your candles in a box. It made me so happy to remember the little things in life that make New Orleans home. I've recently told all my colleagues about your fabulous candles which actually smell like you say they will. Thanks to your website, I'm sure they will place a few orders.

Thank You,


October 31, 2006

Amy,I just received my candles, waiting like a kid on Christmas morning. My co-workers were a little surprised at my excitement over some candles. little do they know!!! I, of course, had to smell them all immediately. I ordered two new scents, but still love my favorite, Vanilla Sugar Cookie. After coming home from a 14 hour day on the set of our new movie, your candles are a great way to help me relax.

Thanks again!


Jeremy Gordon

October 21, 2006

Hi there,Just taking a second to say hello. I first bought your candles 4 years ago when I visited Louisiana for my first time. I took a tour of the countryside and ended up at your store. Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing smelling candles. I am very happy to know you are still in business, especially after the hurricane, and I look forward to more purchases soon. I live in Los Angeles so it's all mail order for me. I will spread the word out here when people ask about the candles, since they always do. Be well and be safe,

Jeremy Gordon Producer

August 5, 2006

Hello Amy, My name is Jianni Scott. I was born and raised in New Orleans all my life. Since Hurricane Katrina has hit, I have no longer been in New Orleans. I must say that I love your candles, and I am spoiled to them. I located to Bellingham, Washington. I always buy your candles every chance I get. Since I am so far away, how about e-mailing me upon your sales and new candles. Although I'am long distance I will never forget the best candles in the world.

Jianni Scott

July 19, 2006

I am presently deployed to Iraq. I am from New Orleans area. I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your candles. While in New Orleans I would keep stocked on your supplies. But that is not an option here. I actually had one candle left when I deployed and have shared it all those that work with me, and live near me. And needless to say, all have enjoyed it as much as me. Is there a way that we are able to get candles here? Believe it or not, the one candle I have here makes a world of difference. Let me know if it is a possibility. Thanks for your help.


  1. Christopher Hatcher

June 11, 2006

Some time back while visiting my in-laws in Westwego, I woke up to a smell that led me to believe my mother-in-law was baking, the smell was wonderful. I was surprised when I went into the kitchen to find nothing baking and only a candle burning. I did not look at the candle, but made several comments about it the rest of the trip home. This weekend while completing a vacation in Galveston, we stopped at the Katy Mills Mall in Katy, Texas my wife saw a shop and commented that those were the candles her mother had bought that I had liked so much. We went into the shop and that is when I learned the candles were made in Thibodaux. How shocked and surprised I was, being from Thibodaux myself, to see a product made “at home” doing so well. We live in Uvalde, Texas, west of San Antonio, and purchased several scents from the shop at Katy. I came home and pulled up your internet site and I must say, Congratulations.

Wishing you continued success,


January 22, 2006

I’m not sure if you like getting feedback from your customers. But I’ve been buying candles, incense, oils, and potpourri for at least ten years now. I am a thirty year old white male. And I have got to say that you have the best smelling candles I have ever bought. Or smelled EVER. You’ve got something special going on over there. At first I thought they were a little expensive. But I bought three mason jar kind. Black Cherry, Vanilla Sugar Cookie, and Pina Colada. They were like 11 dollars a piece for three. But now that I’ve been using those same candles for about four months. And I still have about half of all three. What I though was little expensive turned out to be the best value I’ve gotten in a while. They burn very slowly and you have a gift for making them smell the way you say they will. Keep up the great work.


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