First and foremost, we at Amy's Country Candles would like to say how much we appreciate the opportunity to help your organization with our candle fundraiser. Our product sells itself, making it less stressful and easier to raise the most money in the shortest amount of time. Our fundraising program is a one of easiest fundraising solutions around and is great for all kinds of different causes. The goal for your fundraiser is to raise money for your organization and we do our best meet your individual needs!

Fundraising Program Options

Need money for hotel fees, food, uniforms, traveling expenses, or healthcare? Whatever your cause or organization, our fundraising program has you covered! Here are just some examples of the type of organizations and causes that benefit from our fundraising: Sports TeamsSchoolsMusic & BandsCheerleading & Dance, Medical IssuesChurch GroupsNon-profits and more!

Choose which kind of fundraiser that fits your needs:

1. Manual Fundraiser

With this option, you will fill out paper order forms and pick up all orders at once. This is usually best for local groups near our factory in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

2. Online Fundraiser

Our online fundraiser shop makes it easy to make and take orders for everyone. You can elect to have individuals pay shipping for their order and then we send them the package, OR you can receive all the orders and then deliver them how you see fit. This option works great if there would be a lot of participants who live out of state.

3. Combo Fundraiser

With both a Manual and Online Fundraiser, you can really get the local participants involved AND reach friends and family who live further away! We can fulfill all online orders while you take orders manually.

Instructions for Fundraiser

When you contact us, we will send you a Fundraiser Introduction packet. You will need to sign and send back an agreement form, tell us the number of order form packets needed, decide the beginning and end date of the fundraiser, and supply a copy of your tax exempt status (such as determination letter from the IRS) if you are tax free.

We also have a template for flyers and social media images that we can customize for your organization to make it even easier to spread the word about your fundraiser!

    Manual Fundraiser Process

    1. Collect payment from each of your customers as you take their order.
    2. Once you have collected all the orders from your fundraiser, fill out the master order form. We only accept one check for payment. We also accept cash and credit card.
    3. Send in the master order form. If you would like the orders individually packed please specify. Additional fees or requirements are involved if we individually pack.
    4. You will be notified when the order is ready for pickup or shipping. Shipping charges are paid for by the school/organization. Please remember this when you are calculating how much your organization can make. 
    5. Please verify order at pickup. If your items were shipped please check each one for damage. Notify us immediately when items are damaged in shipping. 

    Online Fundraiser Process

    1. You will receive a special code that will track which orders are for your organization. Participants will need to make sure this code is entered in the checkout process. We can supply a link that automatically enters in your code and takes participants directly to the Fundraiser Shop.
    2. Share your code and link! Participants can browse the Fundraiser Shop just like any other online store. If you elected to have us fulfill orders, shipping fees will be calculated separately during checkout. Otherwise we will collect orders together and print out copies of each order.
    3. We will run a report and send you a check weekly.
    4. At the end of the fundraiser, if we are collecting orders for local delivery, you can pick up and verify the orders. Otherwise we ship all orders to you.

    Collecting Orders for Local Delivery Process

    We can deliver the total orders in the south Louisiana area (New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and more). We charge $35 for deliveries in these areas.

      Scents and Prices

      For your fundraiser you will be selling some of our top selling candle scents. You can check out the online fundraiser shop to see what you will be offering. Each product has a wholesale price, so you will keep the difference between the wholesale price subtracted from the retail price.

      You may sell your candles at more than the suggested price with a Manual Fundraiser (in order to make more money for your organization) but we ask that you do not go below the suggested retail price.

      Get Started

      Please call us at 985-449-1111 or email to request a Fundraiser Introduction packet.

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