Valentine's Day Collection

Valentine's Day Collection

Create a romantic atmosphere with our lovely specialty glassware in one of our most popular scents, or our most romantic scents:

 True Love™

Float down a river of velvety rose petals, exotic hibiscus, and light touches of sweet cinnamon. Close your eyes and relax... let the tangle of scents surround you and warm your heart. Fall in True Love™ all over again! Available only around Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Marble Brownie

A beautiful swirl of yummy vanilla cream and the decadent smell of chocolate that smells like a fresh baked pan of brownies just pulled out of the oven.


Sweet strawberry shortcake with an eye-catching color. Pucker up, Gorgeous! No girl should be without her lipstick!


Reminds you of the delicious smells coming from mom’s kitchen! This smells of freshly baked cake with a touch of cinnamon and drizzled with homemade almond icing.

Wedding Cake

Remember your wedding day? The excitement... the joy... the fullness of your heart as you joined your life to the one you love? Relive those memories again with the aroma of warm cinnamon and sweet almond confection swirled with drops of golden brown butter in our delicious Wedding Cake!

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