Evelyn's Testimonial

Hi, I am from north Louisiana and was traveling through Baton Rouge about five months ago and discovered your candles in the mall. Haven't found a compatible scent since. Vanilla Sugar Cookie is great; it works inside and outside of our home.

- Evelyn

Amy's Testimonial

I just bought a gardenia candle in the crystal hurricane at the Ritz Carlton last weekend. What a great smelling candle. It makes my house smell wonderful. I would like to order more of that scent. The rate I am going I would need to buy a new one once a month.

- Amy

Virginia's Testimonial

I love your candles! Since Hurricane Katrina I have relocated to Naples, Fl. I barely unpacked, knowing all along I would make my way back home ASAP. I have recently started packing to make the big move back to the "Big Easy" and i came across your candles in a box. It made me so happy to remember the little things in life that make New Orleans home. I've recently told all my colleagues about your fabulous candles which actually smell like you say they will. Thanks to your website, I'm sure they will place a few orders.

Thank You,

- Virginia

Jeremy Gordon Testimonial

Amy,I just received my candles, waiting like a kid on Christmas morning. My co-workers were a little surprised at my excitement over some candles. little do they know!!! I, of course, had to smell them all immediately. I ordered two new scents, but still love my favorite, Vanilla Sugar Cookie. After coming home from a 14 hour day on the set of our new movie, your candles are a great way to help me relax.

Thanks again!


- Jeremy Gordon

Jeremy Gordon Testimonial

October 21, 2006

Hi there,Just taking a second to say hello. I first bought your candles 4 years ago when I visited Louisiana for my first time. I took a tour of the countryside and ended up at your store. Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing smelling candles. I am very happy to know you are still in business, especially after the hurricane, and I look forward to more purchases soon. I live in Los Angeles so it's all mail order for me. I will spread the word out here when people ask about the candles, since they always do. Be well and be safe,

- Jeremy Gordon Producer

Jianni Scott's Testimonial

Hello Amy, My name is Jianni Scott. I was born and raised in New Orleans all my life. Since Hurricane Katrina has hit, I have no longer been in New Orleans. I must say that I love your candles, and I am spoiled to them. I located to Bellingham, Washington. I always buy your candles every chance I get. Since I am so far away, how about e-mailing me upon your sales and new candles. Although I'am long distance I will never forget the best candles in the world.

- Jianni Scott

Christopher Hatcher's Testimonial

I am presently deployed to Iraq. I am from New Orleans area. I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your candles. While in New Orleans I would keep stocked on your supplies. But that is not an option here. I actually had one candle left when I deployed and have shared it all those that work with me, and live near me. And needless to say, all have enjoyed it as much as me. Is there a way that we are able to get candles here? Believe it or not, the one candle I have here makes a world of difference. Let me know if it is a possibility. Thanks for your help.


- Christopher Hatcher

Jason's Testimonial

June 11, 2006

Some time back while visiting my in-laws in Westwego, I woke up to a smell that led me to believe my mother-in-law was baking, the smell was wonderful. I was surprised when I went into the kitchen to find nothing baking and only a candle burning. I did not look at the candle, but made several comments about it the rest of the trip home. This weekend while completing a vacation in Galveston, we stopped at the Katy Mills Mall in Katy, Texas my wife saw a shop and commented that those were the candles her mother had bought that I had liked so much. We went into the shop and that is when I learned the candles were made in Thibodaux. How shocked and surprised I was, being from Thibodaux myself, to see a product made “at home” doing so well. We live in Uvalde, Texas, west of San Antonio, and purchased several scents from the shop at Katy. I came home and pulled up your internet site and I must say, Congratulations.

Wishing you continued success,


Jukebox's Testimonial

I’m not sure if you like getting feedback from your customers. But I’ve been buying candles, incense, oils, and potpourri for at least ten years now. I am a thirty year old white male. And I have got to say that you have the best smelling candles I have ever bought. Or smelled EVER. You’ve got something special going on over there. At first I thought they were a little expensive. But I bought three mason jar kind. Black Cherry, Vanilla Sugar Cookie, and Pina Colada. They were like 11 dollars a piece for three. But now that I’ve been using those same candles for about four months. And I still have about half of all three. What I though was little expensive turned out to be the best value I’ve gotten in a while. They burn very slowly and you have a gift for making them smell the way you say they will. Keep up the great work.


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