Nadia's Testimonial

To Whom it may concern,

Hi, I am Nadia. I first experienced Amy's Country Candles with your store in Baton Rouge. I love how strong they are and how long they last. I recently read about your charity organizations and as A fellow sister in Christ, I am deeply touched and I will be buying my candles from you from now on. I believe in you cause. May God continue to bless your business because you are Growing God's kingdome on the earth.

- God Bless Nadia

Nicole's Testimonial

I use your candles and recently I went over to my dad's house and he had all of the candles on he dresser. I asked why and he said he was trying to find something to make he room smell good. I told him if it was candles Amy's was the place to go. I said they are pricey but well worth it. A couple of days later I went over and when I opened the front door I said smells like someone went to Amy's. He said yep. He couldn't believe that the one candle made his whole house smell so good. All that just to say you guys are the best and your sales people just put the frosting on the cake. God bless you all.

- Nicole Crader, New Orleans, LA

Judie's Testimonial

Hello my name is Judie Crochet, and my husband boyfriend at the time bought me a candle from Amy's and brought it to me in New Mexico for a gift. I like it so much that when I went to Louisiana to move him back to New Mexico he took me to the Amy's store in the mall and I bought 2 candles and brought them home back to New Mexico. Now I don't buy any candles from anybody but Amy's so I order them online 2 big candles at a time and I will never buy any candles from nobody but Amy's.

- Judie Crochet, Hobbs, NM

Claudette's Testimonial

I received my candles yesterday and my home smells wonderful!! I had the pleasure at staying at the Ritz Carlton a couple of weekends ago and had to get the name of the wonderful candles that they were burning in the lobby area! I've been telling all of my friends and co-workers about your products. I will definitely be placing more orders! Thanks!

Claudette Smith, Friendswood,TX

Pat's Testimonial

I love Amy's country candles because they burn evenly.The aroma stays in the house long after I have blown them out. I have tried other candles that people tell me about but there is no comparison to Amy's. I guess my very favorite has always been Vanilla Sugar Cookie, but I keep trying others and I have yet to find one that I don't like. Please try Sunshine Memories, Louisiana Rain, Romantic Amber...oh well all of them are great. I have sent them to my sister in Oregon also and she loves them too. Amy's don't go away...what would I do?

Pat Slate, Metairie, LA

Tiffany's Testimonial

Awesome Service! Long story short. I was so disappointed when I received my order and there was a slight mix-up. I received a mason candle in place of my highly anticipated wine glass, really no big deal, same great scent!!!! I sent an email stating the issue and immediately I received a reply from Amy herself, she expeditiously corrected the issue and in the blink of an eye, there was my wine glass!!! Excellent Service with a personal touch!!!!! THANK YOU, AMY!!!

Tiffany Gallaud, Nashville, TN

Sabrina's Testimonial

I love these candles. They are of great quality and I have to have them. I moved away from Louisiana 10 years ago, but have never stopped buying these candles. Every time I go home to visit, I stock up. (No shipping costs. :) Of course I can't be without, so when a trip home isn't possible I use the website. Thank you for making such a good product.

- Sabrina Williams, Spring Hill, FL

Tiffany's Testimonial

It’s been almost five years, (pre-Katrina) since I have had the magnificent scent of Cake, Baby Powder and Sugar cookies pleasantly filling up my home, and I totally miss it. I can’t wait to delight my family and visitors with them once again, as I have not found any candles near or far that can compare to Amy’s Country Candles!!!!!

- Tiffany Gallaud, Nashville, TN

Christine's Testimonial

I'm French and I'm living near Paris. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find your candles in my country! I discovered your candles 5 years ago. My husband and I were in a congress in Louisiana in 2004. It was 1 year before Katrina...I love your country and each time I smell the Vanilla Sugar Cookie scent it reminds me of your beautiful plantation homes. My favorite scent is Vanilla Sugar Cookie but I also like Magnolia, Louisiana Rain...I love so much your candles, I really miss them!

A bientôt!

- Christine Douhéret, St Germain en Laye, France

Gayl's Testimonial

I love your candles. I live in Florida and visited Louisiana for my son Travis and daughter-in-law Tara's baby shower. At the baby shower and after as a gift, I smelled your blue baby powder candle for the first time. I was amazed how wonderful the scent carried through out the entire house. Well, I did visit again a month or so later, and at the time I had wanted to find your store in the mall ( as I was told ) but had not had the chance to shop and my visit was over. Tara sent me a gift basket and included several of your baby blue powder candles, (Just so I'd miss my newly born grandson) and return for another visit. I found your email address on the labels and placed an online order. Since that first order - several more followed - because I have the need to give/share my candles. I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your scents. I do not believe that I can burn any others. You spoil your customers - and its very much appreciated. I have shared with family, friends, and even my dentist office, where they light candles everyday.

Sincerely - happy customer,

- Gayl Johnson

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