Jenny's Testimonial

We live in SC but have family in Thibodaux. We make your shop a must stop when we visit! Love Love Love your candles.

- Jenny Blackard

Judy's Testimonial

I love Amy's family values and that alone makes her company beautiful in every way. This and the quality of all her products are what draws me to her company. I tell everyone I know about Amy's Country Candles and some of them have already ordered from you. Giving them as gifts has really impressed people so much that they think they are the best candles they have ever used. Word of mouth of what a great thing she has going has gone a long way here in Tennessee. Thank you once again for taking care of the candle and this also says a lot about what good customer service the company has. Liz, you are a great asset to her company and employees like you are a great deal of what makes the company a success.

- Judy Riddle, a very satisfied customer from Tennessee

Judy's Testimonial

Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate this so much. I love Amy's Country Candles and they are all that I buy. Nothing can beat them. Wish you guys had a store here in Tennessee, but I will settle for ordering them on line. Maybe someday your stores will reach Tennessee-especially around the Nashville area-we all love them up here!!!!!!!!

Judy Riddle

Lynn's Testimonial Video

Shay Langston's Testimonial Video

Janice's Testimonial

Hi, i came across a candle unpacking when we moved. it was a triple scented bird of paradise. only 10 min after being lit, the scent filled the entire downstairs. my daughter and i were simply amazed. we live just east of biloxi, originally from new orleans. biloxi and surrounding area have nothing like you have to offer.please, please consider opening a store in biloxi, i am telling you it will be a hit. even home parties......thanks

- Janice

Geneva's Testimonial

To All Of AMY"S

I just wanted to let you know I really had to use my amy's candles during this last hurricane. Our electricity was off 4 days and they sure came to great use and my house smelled wonderful.

Thank You,

God Bless,

- Geneva Adair

Andrea's Testimonial


I just wanted to let you know that I have been hooked on your VSC candle for years, but I have recently found one that comes close-Lipstick! This candle is so awesome, please keep it around! I have received several compliment from friends and family, so I know that you will be getting more orders for these. I frequently visit your store in Rouse's in Thibodaux. I actually went there this morning for another Lipstick and Gardenia. Your sales girls are fabulous! Very friendly and knowledgable. Thanks for making such fantastic products in our Hometown!!

Andrea Cunningham

Richard's Testimonial

Your Pumkin Spice Candle is the BEST candle we have smelled......please do not "retire" this candle EVER!!!


Richard C Swanson

Tina's Testimonial

Hi Amy, Upon walking into the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, between the opulence and the incredible smell that permeated the air.....I was in sensory overload! I had to investigate that scent and my nose followed me to Amy's wonderful gardenia candles that were burning throughout the main lobby area. I was stunned to see how beautiful they looked on top of smelling so wonderfully! I made a purchase then and there at the gift shop and am thrilled a few years later to be offering them in my own online shop. My motto is that I do carry anything I wouldnt' put in my own home and you can be sure I have Amy's candles all over the place. As beautiful to look at as they smell....these are keepers and make equally wonderful and unique gifts. Keep doing what you are doing because its a beautiful thing!

- Best, Tina

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