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Gadenia scented goodness

CajunHubby and I love New Orleans. When we are lucky enough to find ourselves in that great city we always stop into the Ritz Carlton to listen to the jazzy sounds of Jeremy Davenport. One thing you cannot ignore when you step into the lobby is the wonderful aroma! You might think that the scent is coming from the amazing centerpiece bouquets, but its not! The smell is actually coming from candles made down da bayou! Amy’s Country Candles out of Thibodaux, Louisiana hand pours delicious gardenia scented candles for the Ritz which you can purchase from the gift shop in the hotel. Since we don’t make it down to NOLA as often as I’d like, I’ve been trying to figure out how to keep up my own supply of gardenia goodness. As I was makin’ groceries at Rouses the other day I noticed they carry Amy’s Country Candles in the floral section. A lightbulb went off… I scurried over to the customer service counter and asked if they would order the gardenia candles for me. And to my delight, they said YES! Before long, I got a phone call saying my candles were in and in no time the house was filled with my favorite fragrance! These candles are great! Whether you like the gardenia or not, you should check them out! They have a wide range of scent and size options, I have a few friends who swear by them, and you will too after you smell for yourself. Till next time…



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