Felicity's Testimonial

Hi there, I am a Western Australian, and travelled to New Orleans last year and purchased one of your sugar cookie candles. I walked in to the shop where I bought it, and they were burning these, and I fell IN LOVE! I had to buy one! Since then (it's been a year) I have been reluctant to burn it, because I knew I could never get another one, but burn it for short periods every now and then. My Mum is in love with it! I get a lot of comments on how wonderful the scent is. I decided to check out your website, hoping you'd ship internationally, but I was so extremely disappointed to see that you now no longer ship internationally. This means I could have bought some more in the last year! May I ask why you no longer ship overseas? I am now half way through my candle and will be so upset when it's finished! Congrats on producing such an amazing scent - when I burn it I just think of gorgeous, friendly, vibrant and enchanting New Orleans!

Many thanks and cheers,

- Felicity

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