Tina's Testimonial

Hi Amy, Upon walking into the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, between the opulence and the incredible smell that permeated the air.....I was in sensory overload! I had to investigate that scent and my nose followed me to Amy's wonderful gardenia candles that were burning throughout the main lobby area. I was stunned to see how beautiful they looked on top of smelling so wonderfully! I made a purchase then and there at the gift shop and am thrilled a few years later to be offering them in my own online shop. My motto is that I do carry anything I wouldnt' put in my own home and you can be sure I have Amy's candles all over the place. As beautiful to look at as they smell....these are keepers and make equally wonderful and unique gifts. Keep doing what you are doing because its a beautiful thing!

- Best, Tina

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