Gayl's Testimonial

I love your candles. I live in Florida and visited Louisiana for my son Travis and daughter-in-law Tara's baby shower. At the baby shower and after as a gift, I smelled your blue baby powder candle for the first time. I was amazed how wonderful the scent carried through out the entire house. Well, I did visit again a month or so later, and at the time I had wanted to find your store in the mall ( as I was told ) but had not had the chance to shop and my visit was over. Tara sent me a gift basket and included several of your baby blue powder candles, (Just so I'd miss my newly born grandson) and return for another visit. I found your email address on the labels and placed an online order. Since that first order - several more followed - because I have the need to give/share my candles. I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your scents. I do not believe that I can burn any others. You spoil your customers - and its very much appreciated. I have shared with family, friends, and even my dentist office, where they light candles everyday.

Sincerely - happy customer,

- Gayl Johnson

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