Jody's Testimonial

Amy, I have been traveling to New Orleans from Tulsa since July, almost weekly. I have been staying at the Ritz Carlton and found these amazing Gardenia candles there. One thing that is welcoming is when arriving to the hotel, you are greeted with the beautiful scent of these candles. I have purchased many and shipped to my family around the country. I happened to look on the underside of one of the mason jars and saw your name and website. I am hooked and my wife and I burn a candle every day to allow the Gardenia scent to cover the house. Having lived in Lafayette, my mother always had several gardenia bushes growing around the yard to provide that beautiful scent. Now I can get it in a jar!

Another amazing thing is when you walk in front of the Ritz hotel, even within 15-20 feet of the door, one can smell the Gardenia scent from your candles. Thank you for creating such amazing candles.

- Jody Cole

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