Jukebox's Testimonial

I’m not sure if you like getting feedback from your customers. But I’ve been buying candles, incense, oils, and potpourri for at least ten years now. I am a thirty year old white male. And I have got to say that you have the best smelling candles I have ever bought. Or smelled EVER. You’ve got something special going on over there. At first I thought they were a little expensive. But I bought three mason jar kind. Black Cherry, Vanilla Sugar Cookie, and Pina Colada. They were like 11 dollars a piece for three. But now that I’ve been using those same candles for about four months. And I still have about half of all three. What I though was little expensive turned out to be the best value I’ve gotten in a while. They burn very slowly and you have a gift for making them smell the way you say they will. Keep up the great work.


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